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Honest. Hardworking. Results. When Michael Weaver began his career as a Realtor, he asked himself what principles might lead him to a path of success. He began his search by talking with family and friends to learn more about their real estate experiences. He discovered that if given the opportunity to describe the ideal realtor, these individuals envisioned a business partner they could trust to have their best interests at heart; someone who would work hard to get the job done and ultimately deliver results. He was surprised to learn of experiences they’d had that stood in stark contrast to the ideal they had described. In Michael’s view, they hadn’t expected too much; he knew their expectations were realistic. He was confident he could deliver the kind of experience they deserved. As Michael began to formulate the business model he would pursue, a theme began to develop in his mind. While some businesses rely on catchphrases such as, “Service with a Smile”, Michael kept coming back to three words he felt would embody a successful realtor. Honest. Hardworking. Results. So, as Michael set out to become the kind of realtor his friends and family had described, he allowed these three words to provide the framework for the business relationships he would establish with each new client.

Even at a young age, Michael displayed a unique ability to disarm the most standoffish of individuals with a friendly smile and confident handshake that belied his young age. While many suggested he become a salesman like his grandfather, Michael wasn’t sold on settling into a career that relied on turning a quick sale. Yet, he knew he had the drive to be a successful business person. As he considered what his future might hold, he began to develop an interest in real estate. While the industry is certainly driven by the capacity to buy and sell property, there is also a unique opportunity to develop long term relationships with clients. This is what appealed to Michael. Whether it was a single mom looking for her first home, a retired couple interested in downsizing, a recent college graduate looking for a condo in an up and coming area, a successful businessman looking to find an executive home equipped with modern day luxuries, or a young couple looking for a second home to accommodate their growing family, Michael saw an opportunity to help people fulfill one of the most basic needs on earth, finding a place to call home.

Growing up on the outskirts of Indianapolis afforded Michael the opportunity to see life from different perspectives. He learned to appreciate the distinction between city life and life on the farm. From the rolling acres of his parents’ Noblesville property, to the Indianapolis home he shares with his wife, Michael has had the pleasure of experiencing life in urban as well as rural settings. He, like many Hoosiers, has also discovered the unique opportunity that living in one of Indianapolis’ many suburbs affords. Communities like Carmel, Greenwood, Plainfield, and Greenfield, offer Central Indiana residents the chance to live outside the city limits, yet have easy access to the job opportunities found in Indianapolis.

Whether working from his office in Carmel, or from his home office in Indianapolis, Michael has come to realize that his work as a realtor is never done and often requires a willingness to work unusual hours. “Many clients have very full schedules, and can’t afford to place their life on hold simply because they find themselves needing to buy or sell a home. Many times this means their availability is limited to evenings and weekends. I want to make certain they know I will do what is necessary to accommodate their schedules.” Whether he is burning the midnight oil researching home values in a client’s neighborhood, or spending time with prospective buyers on a Sunday afternoon, Michael enjoys every moment he spends helping clients through the process of buying and selling their home. However, Michael also enjoys spending a quiet afternoon at home with his wife, Ashley, and their dog Bailey. According to Ashley, that downtime can be hard to come by these days, “Although we don’t always find the time to relax that we’d like, we capitalize on the time we do spend together, and consider ourselves blessed to be pursuing careers we both love.”

Although Michael has been thankful for the success he’s experienced in real estate, he’s been humbled by the feeling of fulfillment he’s experienced helping others reach the real estate goals they’ve set. Here is what some of Michael’s clients have said about him:

“When I needed to sell my downtown condo, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to sell it for what I still owed. I discussed my concerns with Michael and worked with him to find the right price point. Nine days later, my condo was sold, and I began the process of finding my next home.” –John Reynolds, Fortville, IN

“After months of searching, my husband and I had found the perfect home for us. All that stood in our way was the sale of our old home. However, as time when by, this began to seem impossible and we started to feel as if our dream of moving into a new home was slipping away. A family member handed us Michael’s card, and we asked him to be our realtor. From the very beginning we knew we’d made the right decision. Michael sold our home and assisted us in finalizing the purchase of our new home. Thank you Michael!!” –Joyce Meredith, Plainfield, IN

When the time comes to place your home on the market or begin the search for your next home, Michael Weaver would like nothing more than to assist you in achieving your real estate goals. As a dedicated professional and your realtor, Michael will work with you to develop a business relationship that instills confidence in knowing you’ve made the right choice.

Contact Michael today to ask about his current reports, The Five Best Buys in Indy for home buyers, and The Last 5 Properties Sold in Your Neighborhood, for those looking to sell their home.


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