Cheap Flooring For Indianapolis Rental Units

Cheap Flooring For Indianapolis Rental Units

As a landlord, the pain of having to constantly change the flooring in your apartments can be a huge hassle. Floors are often damaged when people move in and out of an apartment. You can change floors easily by taking advantage of cheaper floor replacements that still look great. You need affordable yet nice floor finishes to keep your Indianapolis rental units looking good.
Here are five cheap flooring options that you can consider.

Floor laminate
This is made by joining two or more layers of materials. Though it looks like a wooden floor, laminate is made purely out of synthetic fiber. Laminate can withstand high traffic and does not scratch. This floor finish is excellent but does take well to water and moisture.

Carpets are low-priced, very affordable, readily available and easy to set up in Indianapolis rental units. This kind of flooring requires minimal maintenance and comes in various qualities that are meant to suit various needs.

Vinyl plank and tile
Vinyl plank resembles wood while vinyl tile resembles ceramic, slate and marble. It can cost as little as $1.25 per square foot. In simple terms, these synthetic planks can be made to suit your interior design and are long lasting.

Carpet Tile
Carpet tile is simply modern carpet that is made in tile form. The square tiles fit together well to cover the floor. Carpet tile is cheap, easily to install and maintain. This floor finish is ideal for Indianapolis rental units.

Traditional sheet vinyl
Traditional sheet vinyl is fairly rough and hard to destroy. It is a multipurpose floor that is suitable for rooms in the house like the kitchen and bathroom. Sheet vinyl is usually glued down onto subfloors or concrete floors to increase its durability and give a glossy look.

These options for cheap flooring should reduce your renovation headaches and tone down at least one of the cost of maintaining your Indianapolis rental units.


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