5 Tips for Indianapolis Landlords

5 Tips for Indianapolis Landlords

Owning a commercial property is gaining popularity with each new day. This has translated into a rapid increase in the number of new landlords today. However, property management is not an easy task, especially to new landlords. Like any other business, you need to know simple ways that you can used to make property management easy and these tips for Indianapolis landlords can help.

Agreement document

This is basically a written agreement between you and your tenants. This agreement should stipulate the rent amount and the payment terms to be followed. You should also make it clear in this agreement how disputes, repairs, maintenance and all other factors should be handled. This contract should be signed by both parties.


When choosing your Indianapolis property manager, conduct a thorough background check on their managerial and human relation skills. You do not want a scenario where you are constantly solving issues between your manager and the tenants. A competent manager is one sure way to achieve a good relationship with your clients.

Tenant Selection

Before renting your Indianapolis house to anybody, make sure you do your homework. The last thing you need is someone who does not honor the tenancy agreement and damages your property. Take time to screen each potential client. A written application can help you gather the information that you need.


Always make sure that the property is well maintained. Handle all repairs according to the contract and in good time. The contract should stipulate who bears the cost of the repairs.

Managing Security Deposits

It is important to come up with a good system of handling security deposits made by each tenant. Understand your rights and the rights of the tenant when it comes to security deposits.

Always make sure you are in good terms with your tenants to avoid a bad reputation. This, along with these other tips for Indianapolis landlords, will help your property increase its value over time.


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