It’s Your Choice – Old Or New Indianapolis Homes

It’s Your Choice – Old Or New Indianapolis Homes

There are certainly advantages to both buying a new Indianapolis home and an older one. Sometimes it just comes down to a matter of preference and what you would like most.

Here are some things for you to consider if you are deciding between an older home or a brand new shiny one.

1. Repairs

This is always the biggest factor to take into consideration. New Indianapolis homes probably won't need any type of major repairs in the near future while older homes most likely will. Some of these repairs can cost thousands of dollars such as a new roof, new siding or complicated plumbing or electrical work. You will be stuck with these maintenance costs since it may be difficult or even impossible to sell your home without getting these corrected first.

2. Energy efficiency

When you buy a new Indianapolis home, chances are that it will be much more energy efficient. The windows and doors will be the newest high-tech designs and the lighting will be as well. If the house comes with appliances they should also be energy efficient.

Some older homes have been renovated by the previous owners and can be pretty efficient on energy as well. It is an important point to take up with the owners or your Indianapolis real estate agent to find out what types of renovations have been done to the home to make it more efficient.

3. Neighborhood
When you are looking at homes in a more established area of town you'll notice the beautiful trees and gardens. This is a big difference when compared to the new sod being laid and asphalt being poured for the driveways in the newer Indianapolis neighborhoods. Remember to take a look around at the landscaping in the area before making a final choice.

4. Price

When two homes of similar value are being compared one – to – one, the older home will usually cost less than the older Indianapolis home. Since price certainly plays a major role in the final choice, this may mean the end of the debate.


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