How To Find The Perfect Indianapolis Real Estate Agent Using An Interview

How To Find The Perfect Indianapolis Real Estate Agent Using An Interview

If you are having a problem finding a Indianapolis real estate agent there are some key points you should go over during your first interview. These are some of the most critical things that you should be looking for in an agent before hiring one.

Experience -When was the last time you sold a property?

This will give you a basic understanding of what that agent can offer in terms of getting your property sold quickly.

Have you ever sold a property similar to mine or within the same location?

If the Indianapolis real estate agent answers "yes" then you know that he has experience with your type of property. You should then find out how much the house was sold for in relation to the original asking price.

Reliability - How much time can you dedicate to me?

Serious sellers will want an Indianapolis real estate agent that can devote the time needed to get a fast sale.

How many properties have you sold in the past 6 months?

This will be an indication of the Indianapolis real estate agent’s rate of success and give you a chance to evaluate whether the agent is right for you.

How do you decide which real estate transaction is more important?

Some real estate agents are there for the money and don’t offer the customer satisfaction you deserve. In other words, they will put more energy into other properties first if the profit potential is higher. You should find a real estate agent that says that everyone who hires him is equally important.

When it comes to finding the right real estate agent you will need a person that has a lot of experience and is very reliable. This will increase your chances of getting your home sold quickly. Asking these questions during an interview with your Indianapolis real estate agent will help you understand his work ethic better and help you make the decision whether he would be good to work with or not.


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