Carmel Real Estate - Understanding Buyer Fear - Part 1

Carmel Real Estate - Understanding Buyer Fear - Part 1

There are a lot of reasons why people put off purchasing Carmel real estate but the major one is fear. It can become so intense that it actually becomes paralyzing.

Many people will say that the number one reason is that they do not have the money to put towards a down payment. If you look a little deeper, however, these individuals or couple may have been using this excuse for many years and haven't put in the effort to get the money together.

You see, many people have put together a 5-year or even a 10-year plan to save money for a home. There is always a way to make it happen if something is wanted badly enough. A second part-time job could be secured, money could be borrowed from friends or family or unwanted items could be sold to raise money. Even eating out less during the month can put some extra money into a savings account. So this leaves us with the fact that there must be an underlying fear.

When a person has a fear of something they may be unable to react at all to the situation. In some cases the person is not at all aware of what the real fear is since it is so well hidden. If something is not known then how could it possibly ever really be dealt with and handled? It can’t.

A person that is experiencing this type of paralysis about Carmel real estate must truly confront his fears and find out what the problem really is. This may take some effort but it is well worth it. Once the true fear is revealed it can be handled and the person can then confront getting his first home. This is quite an accomplishment and can be done by anyone that has been putting off buying a home because of excuses.


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